Fundamentals scan

What our customers say:

Dieuwke knows how to see things from a company’s perspective. She can identify herself with a founder and brings her advice in a way that isn’t offensive or bashing your company. The scan brought me an extensive insight and awareness with 73 points and 11 to-do’s that are normally not on your priority list. For me, Dieuwke perfectly balances between the entrepreneurial opportunities and legal challenges when running a company. All in all an in-depth scan that’s really worth the time and money.”   Niek Hermus, cofounder InForIntelligence – Amsterdam.

“The fundamental scan brought us an awareness on some areas of concern to work on now or at a later stage. Dieuwke gave some clear explanations, comprehensive and following a handy list of topics. We immediately acted on some issues and are currently being advised upon these. We didn’t miss anything in the service and received clear directions for follow-up.”  Richard Beks, cofounder ZeroFoodwaste – Utrecht.


Building a stable fundament for your house is of major importance. But what about the fundamentals for your business ?

And if you did set up some fundamentals, you may have done some ‘copy/paste’ from the internet ? Or using some documents from your friend who’s also running a startup and needed some documents quickly in place ?

Let’s help you in a lean and practical way:

As cofounder of the Venture Generator and 2XD NL Dieuwke Hoogland has developed a fundamentals scan based on more than 70 topics. Based on her experience as an entrepreneur and coach for startups and scaleups she has seen many examples where a quick scan on the company’s fundamentals can be really helpful.

Advantages of our fundamental’s quick scan:

  • Detailed scan of more than 70 topics, referring to Legal Documents, Sales Contracts, Cooperations, Contracting, Insurance etc.
  • During a 2 hour interactive session we bring handsome insights and awareness on the status of your fundamentals.
  • Advice, practical tips, custom to your company’s status.
  • Wrap up report with tips and suggestions afterwards.
  • We advise on potential service providers like law firms, accountants that fit to your needs and budget.
  • All-in price of Euro 250,- excl. VAT and travel cost.

 We do not deliver:

  • Specialized legal or accountancy proceedings, we are no lawyers/accountants
  • Extensive study or reporting on your current fundamentals, this can be done on request at an hourly basis