About us

Duke Urbanik graduated on Mechanical Engineering (1986) at TU Delft, and founded his first company ECLIPSE in 1984 during his study. After selling that successfully in 1999, he became a strategy coach and investor and participated in many other startups and spinouts.

Currently active in many commissions, as advisory boardmember in many startups, and once a week available for startups in the YES!Delft Incubator. Also actively doing the groundwork for an upcoming AI scaleup company and for the Masters of Scale.

Dieuwke Hoogland is an experienced entrepreneur, co-founder of ECLIPSE, a tech software company for Laboratory automation. She started Sky-Camera, a franchise network in the Netherlands for aerial photography with helium balloons and drones.

The last few years she’s active as a co-founder at 2XD NL (portfolio investor), the Venture Generator (design and build of startups for corporates) and is founder of Female Ventures (network for ambitious females in business). She packs extensive knowledge in the implementation of contracts and is a tough dealmaker.

Currently she executes company fundamentals checks for the Masters of Scale and for companies who want their legal and contract fundamentals reviewed.