In the early days of our entrepreneurship, we often wanted to be able to talk to someone who was experienced enough to understand our business problems and who we could use as a sparring partner. Hiring a consultant who often come with generic solutions from guru’s and study books will likely not provide the solution for your specific situation. Every company is unique, and therefore every problem also.

Anybody can put the “Coach” title on his profile. However, only a few bring this title to good practice.

In our opinion, a coach is primarily listening, and inspiring the entrepreneur by asking questions, giving examples from his own experience or from other similar use cases he has seen. The ultimate goal is to extract the entrepreneur out of his daily thinking patterns, and “think out of the box”. By looking at problems or challenges from the perspective of an outsider, sometimes solutions can be found that are not so obvious when stuck in daily routines and surrounded by co-founders in the same environment.